Networking Individuals, Marketplace Groups, Christian Organizations and Churches to share resources, equip Christians so as to fulfill their call as Full-Time ministers and the Great Commission.

Our Ministry

The Church--Local churches and Para Church Organizations, immersed into The World through Intentional Ministry. We see The World as the Christian Community Scattered in Ministry.

Marketplace Group / Ministry--returns to The Church, Christian Community Gathered in Worship for worship, to be equipped and for resource.

In Practice it Means :


Helping Christians to realize their call in the Marketplace, equipping them to actualize that call and to provide continued support to fulfill that call.


Providing Groups involved in Marketplace or Workplace ministry with resources, training, seminars and forum to be equipped, to be encouraged and to encourage others. They are missionary teams planted in their missions field.


Encouraging Churches to have a focus and providing resources for Marketplace ministry within and outside their congregation. MCN comes alongside church staff to support them on Marketplace Issues.


Collaborating with Christian Organizations to provide the training and resources needed in order to help Christians, Groups and Churches in achieving our vision